• Services offered in either fitness, running and triathlon Triomphe Triathlon.

  • Individual training (private)
  • Training in pairs (semi-private)
    Group training (3 or more)
  • Group classes, spinning, boot camp, and more
    Assessment of fitness and exercise capacity
    • Training program and yearly goal planning
    Conferences: running, fitness, motivation


The benefits of exercise!
Each workout will increase your heart rate and work the entire body to help you:

Tone your muscles
Lose excess pounds
Significantly improve your physical and mental health
Increase your strength, speed, and endurance
Achieve a sense of well-being
Fitness, improved posture, and ideal weight
Weight loss and decreased body fat percentage

Running: improving technique, speed, and endurance
Cardiovascular endurance and VO2max
Basic nutritional advice and diet supervision
Injury prevention and improvements in flexibility and mobility
Training camps
Seasonal, sports-specific and triathlon preparation

Men and women of all ages
Competitive amateur athletes
Corporate programs, school programs

Training locations:
Home Office Gym Outdoor Training Camps

Rates and packages:
Private: 80$ per session
Semi-private - 2 people: 100$ per session
Group session - to discuss
Training program: 100 to 140$ + per month

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